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Social and Economic Situation in municipal formation

Vyselki district is located in the central part of Krasnodar region, incorporates into Tikhoretsk economic micro-district and occupies the central part of Kuban plain. The advantage of the geographical location is a flat area, highly fertile soils conditioning agricultural development in the district.

The district consist of 10 rural districts including 25 settlements. The administrative center – Cossack village Vyselki, with the regional center of Krasnodar (90km),with Black Sea ports – Novorossiysk (240km) and Tuapse (300km) as well as the city off Yeisk on Azov Sea (230km) and administrative center of Rostov region, the city of Rostov-on-Don (200km).  

The main arterial highways are: railroad Krasnodar-Tikhoretsk-Salsk, federal motor road Don (Krasnodar-Pavlovskaya), roads of regional significance: Zhuravskaya – Tikhoretsk, Kanevskaya – Berezanskaya.

The total area of the district makes 173 thousand hectares.

The population of the municipal formation Vyselki district makes 59.5 thousand people, of which 53% - women, 47% - men. The population of working age makes 33 thousand people or 55% of the total population, including those employed in the district economy – 27.5 thousand people.

The major share within the economic structure of the municipal formation Vyselki district falls on: food industry – 55%, agriculture – 32%, consumer market – 11% and other sectors – 2%.

According to the comprehensive assessment of the cities and districts of Krasnodar region in terms of the basic socio-economic indicators per capita over 2017, the district steadily retains its position among top ten areas of the district and ranks 7 out of 44, being inferior to such large cities as Krasnodar, Novorossiysk, Sochi, Anapa as well as Tuapse and Temryuk districts.

Over the year 2017, the production of food products yielded 30 billion rubles that is 5% higher than in the past year. The steady and significant growth of this indicator over the last three years is ensured by the growing demand of the population for national food products and by securing capacities of the newly built and reconstructed enterprises of OJSC "Agro complex named after N.I.Tkachev" – slaughter and primary meat processing complex, South poultry production, meat processing plant, milk factory and feed mill plant. 

The amount of investments into fixed assets over 2017 made around 11 billion rubles that is twice as higher than in the past year. The growth is explained by intensive implementation of large investment projects: "Construction of cheese production plant" LLC "Cheeses of Kuban", "Construction, reconstruction and upgrading of dairy farming industy", "Upgrading of enterprise "Crystal" OJSC "Agro complex" named after N.I.Tkachev, "Construction of dairy cattle farm for 1200 cows" LLC "Agro firm named after Ilyich" for the total amount of more than 11 billion rubles, with the commissioning term 2017-2018. The implementation of these projects will secure around 300 new jobs, proceeds of more than 400 million rubles in taxes into the budgets of all levels.     

Small and medium-sized businesses hold a substantial share in the district economy. At present, the number of business entities makes 2434 units that is 5% higher or by 118 units higher than in 2016.

The highest specific weight within the total number of entrepreneurs falls on such industries as "Retail and wholesale trade" – 43% and "Agriculture" – 25%.

The number of population engaged in small and medium-sized businesses is around 4 thousand people or 13% of the population engaged in the district economy.

The financial sector of the economy of our district comprises structural subdivisions of six banks – PJSC Sberbank, Krayinvestbank, Rosselkhozbank, bank Kuban-Credit, Sovcombank, PJSC "Post Bank" as well as an insurance department in the Cossack village Vyselki of the branch PJSC "Rosgosstrakh".

Over the year 2017, the economy of the municipal formation raised credit facilities for more than 20 billion rubles that is 5% higher than in 2016.The banking institutions offer more attractive credit products, as compared to the past years of stagnation, at reduced interest rates both for legal entities and for individuals.

The total volume of the collected insurance fees on compulsory and voluntary types of insurance made more than 100 million rubles than is 4% higher than in the past year. The cash amount on voluntary types of insurance increased by 9% and made more than 40 million rubles the fact that evidences of the growing financial literacy of our population and growing reliance on insurance products.

The volume of compulsory types of insurance made around 60 million rubles, which corresponds to the level of the past year, including MTPL insurance – 59.0 million rubles.     

The share of voluntary types of insurance within the total volume of insurance premiums made 40%, compulsory – 60%.

Over the year 2017, district residents received 178 mortgage, residential and other loans to improve their housing conditions for the total amount of 252 million rubles that is twice as higher than in the past year. It indicates of the increasing paying capacity of the population and decreasing interest rates on mortgage and other loans.   

The healthcare system of Vyselki district is aimed at enhancing affordability and quality of medical aid for the population. Five inter-municipal departments are operating in the municipal healthcare center: surgical, pediatric, 2-level trauma center, departments of emergency cardiology and departments for treatment of patients with cerebrovascular disorders.  

These subdivisions provide specialist medical care in accordance with the standards to the community of Vyselki district as well as other municipal formations of Krasnodar region.

Forty-nine general educational establishments, including twenty-five municipal pre-school establishments, are operating in the district. Around 3 thousand children attend them. Twenty-one schools where 6.5 people are educated. Three complementary educational establishments specialized in art, physical training and tourist & local history domains.  

Fifty-eight cultural establishments with 400 employees are located on the territory of the municipal formation Vyselki district.

The cultural groups of our municipal formation have a commendable representation in district, regional, Russian and international festivals, contests, exhibitions, being awarded with diplomas of the Laureates. Twenty cultural groups are titled "Exemplary artistic group", "National amateur group".  

In the area of physical training and sport development, the priority is given to the establishment of conditions and incentives for health life style, preservation and improvement of health of the district population.

The district offers many opportunities to everyone from among district residents to engage into sports and physical training. The number of those systematically practicing physical culture and sports is growing each year.